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Hello Bride's,  We are offering a special sale on our wedding package 
 for 2023.  Bride & Groom get your wedding filmed - $800.00
 This special sale will end  April 30, 2023. Brides and grooms
don't miss this chance to save $$ on your wedding package!!
Call today (601-696-9659) Taking bookings for 2023 weddings!!
 We are now filming in High Definition (HD Video)  We are offering a special price
 on our Custom Package!  Call for details on this once a year special!
 Book your class reunion with us ! We will capture those special times as you and
 your classmates meet and greet each other after so many  years since high school!

 Bride & Groom are you looking for a quality wedding video  at a price you can
afford! Look No Further!! Call Us 601-696-9659 - E-Mail Us​

Wedding Package

If there is one day of your life you well want to relive, it is your wedding day. We specialize in producing wedding videos that is packed with quality, emotions, and drama.  
€‹A La Carte style. Create your own Wedding  pkg. start at $600.00
Custom Package  $995.00

Artistic Opening Title
Complete wedding ceremony and reception
2-HD video camera at ceremony
2- Digital  DVD /custom menus
4- hours of coverage

A La Carte - Create your wedding dvd

€‹Wedding Ceremony only - $600.00
Photo montage - $125.00
Bride & groom preparation - $175.00
Romance Stroll (park or flower garden) $250.00
Bridal Solo - $200.00
Love message of bride and groom before the ceremony - $85.00
Interview of wedding party, relatives, and friends - $100.00
Love story of bride and groom (how you met) $325.00
Extra camera $250.00
Extra Hours $125.00 per hr.
Large screen projection system (show Photo€™s , love story or romance
stroll, at reception or rehearsal dinner. $200.00
Custom listings of wedding party names  $85.00
Digital dvd  copies   $25.00
HD Blue-ray copies $40.00
Save the date - $ 175.00
Cinematic Trailer of your wedding - $100.00
Thank you DVD'S for your wedding party $8.00 ea.
Wedding trailer put on usb drive to show your friends. $60.00
Movie Poster 20x30 Picture of Bride + Groom   $65.00
Wedding Reception  3-hours $500.00
Wedding Highlight of your wedding - $150.00
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